Strategic Business Management

Ritsonites sharing their experience with our Strategic Business Management programme

Angeline Gillings

The Strategic Business Management program was relevant and detailed with real life references, practical and meaningful project exercises to enhance participants’ competence in creating the value for their relevant businesses.

Dr. Henry Gray

Fitz Ritson and Associates is the Institution of choice. I have acquired hands-on real-life business and strategic management acumens, having attended. The programmes and schedules have been flexible, responsive, and integrated with technological support.

Marchel Burrell

I have had the wonderful and great opportunity of increasing my business knowledge by being a part of a rich and vibrant and knowledge base association named the Fitz Ritson. The Course lasted three months and was three months of time well spent, doing and appreciating the various inputs/ outputs and the ratios that make companies successful/ failures and/or  a going concern.

Max Poliav

Fitz-Ritson offers an amazingly different approach to the learning process providing a new definition for relevance.
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