Marchel Burrell

I have had the wonderful and great opportunity of increasing my business knowledge by being a part of a rich and vibrant and knowledge base association named the Fitz Ritson. The Course lasted three months and was three months of time well spent, doing and appreciating the various inputs/ outputs and the ratios that make companies successful/ failures and/or  a going concern.

I’m now much more knowledgeable in understanding the financial aspect of companies and how the production, strategies and people impact the bottom line. The HR aspect of the course was great! I was exposed to the fundamentals of good HR and the value of our most important resources which is our people.

The most profound and important impact or aspect of the course was about Value Based Management. The metrics were great and very relevant. Phrases that resonate in my memory are:


  • You can’t control what you can’t measure
  • Candor
  • Communicate! Communicate! Communicate!
  • The organization is bigger than any of us
  • Be reactive then proactive
  • And of course SAMBA


The modules were well articulated with very appropriate case studies followed up by real time student participations. The advices were sound and professionally given by the team. I have already benefited from your discussion on risk versus return. The camaraderie developed by the participants was superb and will continue as the network which is now well established.  I look forward to reading your next informative work.


Marchel Burrell

Quarry Manager


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