What is Fitz Ritson?

Fitz Ritson and Associates (FR&A) is a professional training institute specializing in managerial and financial programmes.

Karen Fitz Ritson sitting

Karen Fitz Ritson - Founder

It was established in June, 2001 with the objective to design niche professional programmes to fill the gap in technical areas mainly in the financial services sector however over the years the net has been widened as all professionals with diverse backgrounds have benefited from these programmes to self actualize in their professional growth.

Since inception to date Fitz Ritson and Associates has trained over 2,000 candidates with a conversion rate of 72% who have attained upward mobility in their professional paths. The Fitz Ritson Brand is recognizable and makes our students very marketable both locally and internationally.


In 2005 Fitz Ritson and Associates was the first professional institute in the region to deliver online programmes, with the objective to train students island wide. Our clientele spans beyond the shores of Jamaica to Trinidad, Venezuela and The Cayman Islands and we continue to go beyond.

In 2006 the University Council Of Jamaica accredited some of the professional programmes . Fitz Ritson and Associates was the first professional institution to achieve this level of certification in the Caribbean Region.

Under its mantra “Training with Relevance for Those with the Desire to Succeed”, Fitz Ritson and Associates takes this very seriously and has maintained an indelible position in the Jamaican professional landscape and is the Institution of Choice when companies want to see their staff self actualize and improve the bottom line of their respective organizations.

Fitz Ritson and Associates takes very seriously the communities that they do business with and have partnered with several institutions to assist us with the resources to effectively improve and drive the process of literacy in inner city basic schools. Each year Fitz Ritson and Associates assists with 300 students to ensure that they have the requisite needs to drive advanced literacy.

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