What is the Ritsonite Experience?


The name Ritsonite was coined by Johnathan Smith who was a student who participated in the Portfolio Management and the Strategic Financial Management Programme.

Coined the term Ritsonite
Johnathan Smith
Coined the term Ritsonite


Upon successful completion of these programmes and upward mobility in his organization, Johnathan proudly announced that successful graduates should be called RITSONITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why Ritsonites?

  • Fitz Ritson Graduates are trained to be critical thinkers
  • Fitz Ritson Graduates are ably trained to spot trends in the local and global market place to make informed decisions on the job
  • Fitz Ritson Graduates are taught how to net work and uphold the philosophy “Be My Brother’s Keeper” which spans beyond the class room
  • Fitz Ritson Graduates are conversant and more globally aware of their surroundings and the cause and effect of economic/political/scientific or geopolitical activities how it can directly or indirectly impact the bottom line
  • Fitz Ritson Graduates become more socially conscience and invariably make a difference to their  environment
  • Fitz Ritson Graduates overall enjoy the experience and want the whole world to know that they are RITSONITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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