Our History and Philosophy

History and Philosophy of Fitz Ritson and Associates; emerged in June 2001; highlighting the need for professionals to attain formal professional training in the technical areas of finance and business management coming out of the FINSAC CRISIS 0f 1996


CEO – Director Karen Fitz Ritson

Karen Fitz Ritson, financial analyst with a solid background and reputation in fund and portfolio management, coupled with her training of hundreds of students in the Jamaica Securities Course offered through the Jamaica Institute of Management (JIM) with the encouragement of good friend and confidant Errol Greene (former Town Clerk of Kingston, Jamaica) formed Fitz Ritson and Associates in June 2001 and by October 2001 taught the first cohort of 28 students in the Portfolio Management Programme in collaboration with the Jamaica Institute of Management (JIM). This was well received by financial services industry.

It became evident by 2002 that the training techniques employed were translated into portable skills whereby students were gaining upward mobility in their respective organizations or job opportunities within the financial sector, therefore the philosophy “Training with Relevance for those with the Desire to Succeed” was conceived, and this has been the MISSION and MANTRA of the organization ever since.

In 2003 Fitz Ritson and Associates launched its second programme Financial Management with the emphasis of translating numbers into formidable business strategies. By 2004 this programme was redefined and emerged as Strategic Financial Management strengthening the strategic component of this programme. Of note thirty percent (30%) of that cohort obtained upward mobility in their respective organizations solidifying the MISSION “Training with Relevance for those with the Desire to Succeed”.

In 2005 Fitz Ritson and Associates pioneered and revolutionized professional training in Jamaica by delivering their programmes on line with the delivery of the Portfolio Management and Strategic Management Programmes which attracted island wide clientele mainly from Montego Bay, Mandeville and Ocho Rios. To date Fitz Ritsona nd Associates has crossed the shores to train online students in Trinidad, Venezuela and the Cayman Islands

At the end of 2005 the Portfolio and Risk Management Programme was launched.


Karen Fitz Ritson receiving the accreditation certificates from the UCJ

In 2006 Fitz Ritson and Associates trailblazed with the accreditation of their Professional Programmes through the University Council of Jamaica. The first of its kind in the Caribbean Region and this solidified the reputation and the value of the content delivered by Fitz Ritson and Associates. From that date forward all institutions kept their eyes on Fitz Ritson and Associates.

At the end of 2006, Fitz Ritson and Associates offered a new programme Introductory Financial Analysis which was well received and is our transatlantic programme as it has attracted a wider cross section of professionals and entrepreneurs who wanted to hone their financial skills and understanding, only in the unique way that Fitz Ritson and Associates knows how to deliver.

By 2008 Fitz Ritson and Associates offered the Securities and Portfolio Management Programme which is the licensing professional designee by the Financial Services Commission for security professionals to be licensed practitioners in the financial industry. This programme is approved by the Financial Services Commission.

By 2010 Fitz Ritson and Associates forged an alliance with Prime Asset Management Limited to deliver the Pension Management Programme. The target market being administrators, trustees and managers and investment teams of a pension fund. This programme was endorsed by the Financial Services Commission and to date their staff co lecture and offer invaluable support to this Programme. Hundreds of professionals to date continue to be trained in this programme.

Towards the end of 2013 Fitz Ritson and Associates became very concerned about the direction of management and leadership in Jamaica due to the fact that the productivity level was quickly beginning to wane. Upon mutual discussion with many senior level managers and CEOs in Jamaica the conclusion was that retraining was important thus the Strategic Business Management Programme was born in 2014 and senior business professionals from all walks of life found their way to this Programme and their subsequent testimonials speak volumes to how this Programme has impacted their professional life and outlook.

2015 saw the launching of the Financial and Managerial Accounting Programme targeting professionals who were on the rise to be operation managers and supervisors in their respective organizations. It was imperative to have a comprehensive understanding of how this level of personnel needed to comprehend the key financial and strategic factors for organizational survival.

Training with Relevance is not just a buzz word for Fitz Ritson and Associates but the heart beat of the Institution – At the directorship level of the Institution this drives the outlook that the human capital must add substantial value to their respective Organizations. This influences the cadre of professionals that are employed to the institution, which brings to the table a diverse knowledge base and experience, coupled with high energy, passion and commitment with a warm spirit to foster the desired teaching objectives of the Institute.

Portfolio Management Students at the Courtleigh Manor Hotel

Our students feel this sense of camaraderie with the Organization as former student Johnathan Smith proudly “dubbed” and renamed all graduates as “Ritsonites” distinguishing themselves from the pact, based on the techniques and knowledge base acquired and the standards of excellence that they are taught to maintain.

Fitz Ritson and Associates has developed the reputation of producing candidates equipped with the knowledge base and aptitude to meet global challenges. Fitz Ritson and Associates is recognized as the institution of choice in Jamaica as we continue to raise the bar in professional training.

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