Securities and Portfolio Management Testimonials

Ritsonites sharing their experience with our Securities and Portfolio Management programme.

Amoy Mullings, CTP

Enrolling in Fitz Ritson Securities and Portfolio Management course wasn’t “business as usual” and I am happy it wasn’t. From my first class it was highlighted that this was a professional course and as such each student would be expected to think beyond the surface of the theory that was taught.

Nordia Lannaman

I highly recommend Fitz Ritson and Associates as the best place to pursue your Securities and Portfolio Management Certification.

Anthony D Davis

I strongly recommend this programme to Employers and individuals who desire to become game changers in an evolving industry. In addition, the course is beneficial in charting your personal finances as well as helping others to achieve financial success.

Andre Yapp

I registered as a student in the Securities and Portfolio management program and from the first class I was engaged. Throughout the duration of the program I learned new and exciting things about the world of investing and was reminded of things that, at the time, I didn't even know I forgot. However, what the Program and the lecturers excelled at was helping to steer their students towards the path of critical thinking.

Joelle Blake

Without a doubt Fitz Ritson & Associates is the number one choice to pursue Securities & Portfolio Management Certification.
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