Anthony D Davis

I strongly recommend this programme to Employers and individuals who desire to become game changers in an evolving industry. In addition, the course is beneficial in charting your personal finances as well as helping others to achieve financial success.

I was very fortunate when my former company selected me to attend Fitz Ritson & Associates to pursue my first professional certification in Securities and Portfolio Management. This fulfilled my dream to grasp the concepts of investments.

The Programme was well structured and Karen and her team made it insightful by not only equipping us with Investment knowledge but also challenged us in the way we think. The programme was engaging and you had to participate in the class discussions. The lecturers were accessible, fun and were creative in engaging the class. Not only did we learn the theory of Portfolio Management but we also learned and understood the applications of designing Investment Portfolio and the importance of monitoring our client's portfolio in achieving optimal returns bearing in mind our client needs.

Anthony D. Davis
Supervisor-Pensions Administration
Guardian Life Limited

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