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Insurance Giant Herbert Hall Dies

Fitz Ritson and Associates would like to extend their deepest condolences to the family of Mr Hall on the passing of our Friend and Mentor and Colleague. Mr Herbert "Herbie"Hall was an exemplary human being who walked the talk and said what he meant. Herbie was the brainchild behind the partnership of the Pension Management Programme between Fitz Ritson and Associates and Prime Asset Management Limited ten years ago. Walk Good Herbie Hall - you have left indelible footprints behind. We thank God for your your life!

Our own Angeline Gillings gets promoted at GK Foods

Angeline Gillings a former student of the third cohort of The Strategic Business Management Programme, of GK Foods has been recently promoted. Your Fitz Ritson and Associates Family is very Proud of You!!!! As stated in the Business Observer 21st December 2016 ; " Angeline Gillings, Chief Category Management Officer, will be assuming the overall responsibility of marketing for Grace Foods Jamaica. She will also continue to provide marketing support for Grace Foods USA in addition to other global brand management responsibilities"

HRD Seminar 2016

On August 24th Karen Fitz Ritson was invited to participate in a Panel Discussion on " the kind of worker that the progressive, visionary, and modern day institution needs employ to make their organizations productive and relevant" The target audience were Master's and PhD candidates who are practitioners in the work place

The ISOBL Certification

On the 8th August 2016 CEO Karen Fitz Ritson was inducted into The International Society of Business Leaders. Fitz Ritson's commitment to training professionals who have made a significant contribution to the Jamaican economic landscape coupled with the Fitz Ritson and Associates passion for the development of literacy in early childhood for 300 children located in inner city schools justly earned her induction into this international society
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