Tagene Brown-McBean starts her firm MONEY COACHING MANAGEMENT

Tagene is an Alumnus of Fitz Ritson and Associates and came first in her cohort with distinctions!

Tagene Brown-McBean is the Managing Director & Founder of Money Coaching Services. She saw a need to offer basic money management service which includes debt management and cash flow/budgeting service especially to the lower class in the society. Tagene's aim is to try to help as much Jamaicans, to stop living pay cheque to pay cheque and reduce unnecessary debt.

Tagene has a solid career in retail banking between 1995 - 2017 with Bank of Nova Scotia and JN Bank

Tagene is the author of Money Moves that Matters - Simple Moves to Become Debt Free

Money Coaching Services is located at 2nd Floor, 34-36 Old Hope Road, Kingston 5; Telephone# 876-383-4382
Website: https://moneycoachingservices.com/

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