Nadia Teape

Nadia is an ACCA by profession and brings 20 years experience to the table in this area. Currently she serves as a Senior Pensions Analyst at the Financial Services Commission since 2007.

Prior to her current employment she worked with ATL Group Pension Scheme as the accounting officer for four years and subsequently with Price Waterhouse Coopers as a Junior Auditor for two years.   

Currently Nadia is pursuing her DBA from the Walden University – specializing in Finance. Nadia completed her MBA from the University of Leicester in 2008.

Adding to her professional training Nadia has completed the following professional programmes:

  • Introduction to Risk Based Supervision for Insurance Supervisors from the Toronto Centre
  • Stepping up to Management from the Jamaica Institute of Bankers and Harvard Business School
  • Monitoring Pension Plans from the Financial Services Commission in Ontario Canada

Nadia has been lecturing with Fitz Ritson and Associates since 2010 – specializing in the areas of Pension Administration and has undertaken research in the following areas:

  • Composition of the Pension Industry in Jamaica
  • Fees charged by Pension Investment Managers in Jamaica
  • The Impact of the Pension Reform on Members of Pension Plan in Jamaica
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