Karen Fitz Ritson

Karen Fitz Ritson is the Founder and CEO of Fitz Ritson and Associates. A financial analyst by profession Karen has had a very successful and diverse career in the financial field for over 26 years from an account manager to a fund and portfolio manager, where under her stewardship grew top performing funds in the Country

The investment community keenly watched Fitz Ritson especially in her role and Equity and Research Manager at Sigma Investments Management Systems where she once again delivered the number one ranking Unit Trust in Jamaica – The Sigma Equity Portfolio (1999).

Her exit from the industry created initial shock waves in the financial industry. She took a break to complete her graduate studies from her Alma Mater Florida International University (Miami, Florida) where she completed her graduate studies with a 3.89GPA in an Executive Masters of Business Administration programme. Energized with her new skill sets she opened the doors of Fitz Ritson and Associates in June 2001 – this trail blazed as the first of its kind in specialized financial programmes, and was very much welcomed as students were being trained by one of the top practitioners in the industry.

Fitz Ritson was recruited shortly afterwards by the University of Technology (UTECH) to be the Head of the Business School – the largest school on the campus and was the youngest head in the history of the Institution. Under her tenure she grew the number of programme offerings, employed more industry practitioners to “bring life” to the academic offerings. An uphill battle but Fitz Ritson was determined to leave her mark!

Upon completing her contract with UTECH Fitz Ritson went full time back into her business and aggressively grew the business by offering more programmes, once again trail blazed by being the first professional institution to offer programmes on line in 2005, followed by accrediting her programmes in 2006 and in 2008 the approval of security courses the Financial Services Commission.   

Her equal passion in training has also extended to the Literacy level of the early childhood level in inner city communities where she champions the cause of improving the facilities for inner city schools. She has received several accolades through the Rotary Club of St Andrew coupled with awards from various educational Institutions, such as Readiness, Majesty Gardens, Boys Town and Stony Hill All Age Institution. Fitz Ritson tirelessly raises awareness for uplifting the level of literacy in inner city schools and in her unique way has attracted many large institutions in Jamaica such as Grace Kennedy and Wisynco to assist in her projects

Her life’s work has not gone unnoticed as in August of 2016 she was inducted into the International Society of Business Leaders – for one “who has demonstrated excellence maintained and perseverance and ascended the summit of professional accomplishment”     

Fitz Ritson is a Member of the Jamaica Tertiary Council of Education – which is the umbrella Organization for all accredited private intuitions and sits on several School Boards

Her tireless endeavor to raise the standards of professional training in Jamaica has been acknowledged by her students, as her graduates continue to make a mark in the business community in Jamaica.

Karen Fitz Ritson has the unique ability to call upon her graduates to rise and serve their community and uniquely teaches her graduates how to network to build upon their career. “All a part of the Fitz Ritson Experience” she loves to say

In her spare time she is an avid supporter of the Arts – loves her dogs – assists with the outreach programmes of her Church Community mainly in the field of education and says that she is GRATEFUL to be able to play her small role in the Universe to enlighten people.

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