Jermaine Walton

The newest member of the Fitz Ritson Team

Jermaine Walton is the newest member of the Fitz Ritson Team which brings his energy and eagerness in the sound development of portfolio management and fund analysis through his work experiences with Lawe Insurance brokers Limited and currently at VM Wealth Management Limited.

Jermaine has a background in political science and international relations however his training in Securities and Portfolio market industry trough Fitz Ritson and Associates has earned him an associate lecturers position and he brings passion and sound analysis with his interaction with the students

Jermaine was formerly a member on the committee of UWI Mona Guild’s Commuting Students Public Relations Committee (2013-2014) and on the executive committee  UWI Mona’s Young Investors’ Club. 

Jermaine's hobbies are football and cricket, he enjoys travelling around Jamica to discover hois homeland and enjoys a good debate on local and regional current affairs  

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