Karlene Mullings

In 2005 Karlene Mullings was a Senior Financial Planner with Capital and Credit Merchant Bank (Montego Bay) and successfully completed the Portfolio Management Programme in the first online cohort.

In 2005 Karlene Mullings was a senior financial planner with Capital and Credit Merchant Bank (Montego Bay) and participated in the first online Portfolio Management Programme.


Today she is the Manager, Sales and Client Relations of Victoria Mutual Wealth Management.


Over the years Fitz Ritson and Associates has trained her staff in Portfolio Management, Securities and Portfolio Management and Financial Analysis.


My experience at Fitz Ritson and Associates


When I did the Portfolio Management Programme in 2005 I found it very informative, very detailed, very interactive and very practical - so I was ably capable to apply the skill sets to my job and quickly attain upward mobility in my career.

My main Tutor Karen Fitz Ritson, pushed our cohort to think outside of the box, and to always aim high and achieve excellence. She never made us settle for mediocrity it was simply not on the agenda.  


Why do you send your staff to Fitz Ritson and Associates to be trained?


Given my own experience and what it did for me in my own career. I believed that this was the opportunity that my staff needed to develop their own personal and professional growth. I have never regretted sending my staff over the years as it has always paid off and see results in my team’s personal growth and productivity.  

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