The Portfolio Management Programme

The Portfolio Management Programme is designed for the individual who is desirous of comprehending the fundamentals and the principles that successfully guide the creation and management of a successful portfolio.

At the end of this Programme you will achieve the following;

  • Solid working knowledge of the risk reward relationship
  • Matching assets to their appropriate risk profile to create a winning portfolio
  • Comprehensive knowledge of investment instruments and their risk profiles
  • Sound research techniques in technical analysis
  • Solid analytical skills in Fundamental Analysis
  • Presentation techniques how to engage your prospective clients


  • Research Analysts
  • Sales Representatives in the financial services industry
  • Customer Service Representatives/ Account Managers in financial services industry
  • Treasury Officers
  • Accountants wanting to get a better grasp of Finance  
  • Financial Advisors
  • Financial Consultants
  • Enthusiasts who want to understand the sound techniques of portfolio management to manage their respective portfolio.
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