The Fifteenth Anniversary Message

When I sit and reflect that Fitz Ritson and Associates is now celebrating Fifteen Years, I’m excited, a little awestruck but mostly humbled that you still believe in us and share our vision


My team and I beam with pride when we see our graduates excel and take their rightful places in their respective organizations locally regionally and globally.

We pushed the envelope when we first launched online programmes in 2005. In the early days, to encourage students to participate online we gave them snacks that they could enjoy while in class online.

We pushed the envelope and became a force to be reckoned with when we attained our accreditation status from the University Council of Jamaica for short professional programmes in 2006.

We push the envelope everyday with our product offerings as they are delivered with the utmost of quality and the highest standard

Fitz Ritson and Associates has become a household name in every major financial institution in Jamaica and big corporate entities.  

Why are we still here because:

  • We are relevant
  • We provide quality training
  • Our students can self actualize and are employable  as their knowledge base is portable
  • We care and provide our clients with qualified lecturers with both local and international training and experience

Fitz Ritson spans beyond training we are about relationship building, our graduates know they are their brother’s keeper and above their intellect, they must support each other and care about the environment around them. Our website will show you our graduates who help us with our Charities – namely our literacy programmes and invite other graduates to participate.

Fitz Ritson Graduates proudly call themselves RITSONITES and knows it comes with a responsibility to perform professionally, above and beyond the average as they know the ultimate role is to make a positive difference.

With deep gratitude I thank all my corporate and individual clients who continually to trust us in training you professionally – Let’s continue SAMBA STYLE! And make that difference!

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